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Murder rules
« on: February 04, 2016, 07:55:21 pm »
l_-Don't Mic spam!
l_-You can buy only the magnum pistol in the point shop (no other guns)!
l_-Don't RDM!
l_-Don't random KOS unless you see them with a knife!
l_-Don't camp at one place for more than 1 minute!
l_-Don't Disrespect!
l_-Murderers can buy crowbars
l_-Don't threaten to DDOS/TAKEDOWN the server!
l_-Don't tell staff how to do there job!
l_-Don't rdm the rdmer, call an admin!
l_-Don't ask for staff!
l_-Don't minge!
l_-You can cuss, but don't use cussing in a disrespectful way!
l_-Don't advertise other links/servers/IPS
l_-Have Fun!

Staff Rules
l_-Don't abuse!
l_-Don't ban/kick/warn/mute/gag/gimp other staff (Get the owner)!
l_-Do your jobs even if you want to have fun with playing murder!
l_-Be active!
l_-Staff have the same rules as users! Don't disobey any rules!

User Punishments
l_-RDM (Slay) RDM again (kick) RDM again (Ban)
l_-AFK (kick)
l_-Spawn in weapons (slay) done again (ban)
l_-Advertise (Perm ban)
l_-DDOS (Perm ban)
l_-DDOS Threats (Perm ban)\
l_-Disrespect (gag) does it again (kick) does it again (ban)
l_-Minge (ban)
l_-Ask for staff (ban)
l_-Camping (slay)
l_-Random KOS (slay and gag)
l_-Having fun (Higher chance of getting staff XD)

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