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STAFF Rules!
« on: February 06, 2016, 08:39:11 am »
STAFF RULES!!_Do not yell at people.
!_Give everyone a second chance, unless he/she broke more than two rules.
!_Do NOT abuse your power in any way possible, even if no one is on.
!_If someone advertises another server kick/ if they rejoin and do it again ban them.
!_If people are rdming you need to jailtp them and warn them.
!_If they Mass RDM you need to jailtp them, warn them, kick them, if it happens again ban them.
!_If you see another STAFF member abusing he or she's powers post a demotion forum on the website.
!_Make the new people feel welcome to our server.
!_Help as much people as you can.
!_It might be hard working alone with a lot of people but try your hardest.
!_If someone is RDAing people (Random Arrest) jailtp them to you and in console type rp_unarrest (person) to unarrest the people who got rda'd.
!_ Make the people have FUN! Including you! If another admin is on you may go off duty and roleplay if you want.
    Many thanks!
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