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Staff Applications / Staff Application Format!
« on: November 29, 2015, 09:42:14 pm »
Staff Application Format!

Steam Name?:

Steam ID?:


Gmod Hours?:

Hours played on the server?:

Owner's name?:

Current manager's name?:

Have you been staff on any other gmod servers?:

Have you been staff on any other AquaBlue servers?:


1. What would you do if you seen lots of spam in the chat?:

2. What would you do if someone mass rdms?:

3. If there is a guy advertising in chat, what do you do?:

4. If someone prop kills, what do you do?:

5. What do you do if you see someone abuse?:

Many Thanks!


General Discussion / Server Rules!
« on: November 16, 2015, 07:43:11 pm »


Everything safe for singleplayer:

Required addons:

General Rules!

l_-Don't RDM
l_-Don't NLR
l_-Don't RDA
l_-Don't CDM
l_-Don't Metagame
l_-Don't ask for staff!
l_-Don't Mic spam
l_-Don't camera spam
l_-Don't ask for staff
l_-Don't threaten
l_-Don't disrespect
l_-Don't advertise
l_-Don't chat spam
l_-Follow all General Rules!

Government Rules!

l_-Don't False warrant someone - Putting a search warrant on someone for no reason
l_-Don't do false lockdowns - Just playing with the lockdown command and setting a lockdown for no reason
l_-If there are no laws up, then the only illegal thing is shooting a gun, drugs, and printers
l_-Don't let people out of jail for no reason, when they did something bad - unless they pay you bail money
l_-Bail money: Highest= $3,500  l  Lowest: ($1)
l_-Don't help players with illegal stuff
l_-Don't ignore a player when a player is saying someone is raiding there base
l_-Don't wanted someone for no reason
l_-Mayors must make laws know matter what
l_-Mayors can't make illegal stuff, legal
l_-Random weapon searching is not aloud - You have to find proof of them having a weapon
l_-Don't do illegal stuff when you work for the government
l_-Follow all Government Rules

Raiding Rules!

l_-Don't raid a base when there is a building sign
l_-You can only raid every 5 minutes
l_-You can only raid the same person every 10 minutes
l_-minge raiding is not aloud - knowing that there is no loot just to kill someone, or not kill anyone at all
l_-Gangsters can only raid when they have 1 other Gangster with Mob Boss
l_-Thieves can raid by themselves
l_-You have to advert raid
l_-Counter raid is aloud
l_-If you counter raid, you must advert "counter raid"
l_-You can Skype/teamspeak/steam/ to talk to other players (Only for raiding)
l_-Follow all raiding rules

Building Rules!

l_-You have to put a sign up if you are building
l_-You must put a keypad immediately after you start building
l_-Keypads must be 5 seconds long and can go up to 8.5 seconds
l_-Hidden keypads are not aloud
l_-Don't make a false keypad - Not having a working keypad for the fading door!
l_-You must buy all doors to own a base fully and start building on it
l_-You can't build on the street even if that is part of your base (except for hobos, They are homeless)
l_-Hobos Can Build on SIDEWALKS or off to the side of the road! Not streets!
|_-Follow all Building Rules!

Bank Manager/Guard Rules!

l_-You must protect the bank always as a guard
l_-You must let people store money in the bank whenever want
l_-You can't make deposits/withdraws
l_-People can't store Guns in the bank
l_-You are aloud to name the bank with a sign
l_-Lock the vault always, unless you are using it
l_-Follow all Bank Manager/Guard Rules

Hitman Rules!

l_-You can only request hits every 5 minutes
l_-You can raid bases to get to the guy who you have a hit on
l_-Accepting the hit and killing yourself to not do the hit is not aloud
l_-Once you accept a hit, you must do nothing but find the guy you have a hit request on until you die
l_-Don't turn into hitman just for his gun
l_-Max hitprice: 3500
l_-Follow all Hitman Rules

HotelManager Rules!

l_-Don't buy any of the hotel rooms
l_-Max hotel room price: 750
l_-People can only buy one hotel room
l_-You can have printers as Hotel Manager
l_-Follow all HotelManager Rules!

Mugging Rules!

l_-Max Mug: 500
l_-You have to advert Mug
l_-When you mug, you have to advert MUG drop (amount) in (How long)
l_-Only Thief/gangsters/MobBoss/terrorists/Prothief/ are aloud to mug
l_-Follow all Mugging Rules

Medic Rules!

l_-Medics can make bases and build shacks on the sidewalks
l_-Max Medic price: 750
l_-Medics can go on raids to heal the raider
l_-Medics can only have pistols
l_-Medics can only help with raiding/mugging/ but only for healing the raider/mugger
l_-Follow all Medic Rules

Gundealer/drugdealer Rules!

l_-Don't scam
l_-Don't self supply
l_-You can buy off of other gun dealers
l_-You can have illegal stuff
l_-You have to have a shop for Gundealers/drugdealers
l_-Don't use drugs in sits
l_-Don't sell drugs to cops
l_-Follow all Gundealer/drugdealer Rules

Staff Rules!

l_-Don't abuse your power
l_-Help every report in @ chat
l_-Don't stop a report just because you don't know what to do
l_-Don't cover reports unless no other staff are on
l_-Don't use your power off duty
l_-Don't ask for a promotion
l_-Don't ask staff to look at your promotion application
l_-You have the same rules as users
l_-Follow all Staff Rules

Any rules that aren't added, please make a topic about it and it will be added soon!

Many Thanks


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